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State College Sex Fiends

Where You Can Be Your Sexual Self

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We are a community of Penn State students (graduate and undergraduate), professors, administration, and people of the surrounding town of State College interested in expressing and sharing our individual sexualities. This is a forum for residents of State College to express themselves sexually through stories, pictures, poems, artwork, etc; where we can recount our latest steamy romps between the sheets, or seek advice about how to make our sexual endeavors more pleasurable; and where we can meet people with similar sexual fantasies and fetishes for those of us who are too busy or too shy to seek out partners who will satisfactorily fulfill all of our inner desires.

The first and most important rule governing expression in this community is that we have ZERO TOLERANCE for abusive behavior. Please treat all forms of sexuality expressed by members of this community with the utmost respect, regardless of their (or your) gender or sexual preference. We want this place to be a welcoming forum to all people with many varied sexualities, with many different sexual fantasies and desires.

The second rule is that when you join, please post a description of yourself with as much detail as you want. We ask that the minimum description be a first name, your age, and what caused you to join this community. You may even post a picture or yourself if you wish, which brings us to the next rule....

All pictures must be behind an LJ cut, regardless of whether it's rated G or rated XXX. If you don't know how to make an LJ cut, you can learn about it in the LJ Help Archives.

The last rule is also quite important: as much as we wish everyone could express their sexualities in whatever form they wish, there are some laws in the US which prohibit that, at least one of which is truly necessary: WE HAVE ZERO TOLERANCE FOR PICTURES, ARTWORK, POEMS, AND STORIES (REAL OR FANTASY) WHICH DEPICT MINORS ENGAGING IN ACTS OF SEXUALITY.

We thank you for respecting the above rules and hope you enjoy participating in our community!